11.12.16 - 1.07.17



ROCK/LIGHT | A Singular Tale

Solo Exhibition of Paintings & Poetry by Joshua Elias

Opens 11.12.16 | Hangs through 1.07.17

A curious thing happened to me along the way. The year- well there were no years. Long before measurements of any kind had arrived. But I did arrive, during the Paleolithic era it would later be termed. But I arrived as any spirit arrives, I appeared. Driven by a nanosecond moment, curious by a fragment of light, and boom. A sizable boulder was forming and I was instantly trapped, smothered inside of the boulder. It took me maybe 10,000 years to make my way out of this rock. I culled quite a language. Visions and sounds before me. Air, molecules, and space became my universe. A keen desire (to find light) I weave myself through atoms, forming a deep connection and eventually an ally with ‘the interstitial’. As it was this process was achingly slow but thorough. It took the full term, the 10,000 years, to make it from theRock to the Light. The Light itself has the same challenges with just different names. I am reminded of this journey these days and I search for the tiny villages within the Rock and the mirrored villages within the Light.


FATHOM goes deeper still!


Welcome to a new gallery concept...

Equal parts art gallery and studio, FATHOM is a launching pad for new art and photography.  More than that, it's a place to look back and revisit the giants of film, fashion, music, graphic design, literature, plus...

FATHOM is part of the Iconix Art Group,Inc. a vertically integrated art publishing and creative services company. The firm operates a small art complex in downtown Los Angeles, combining an art gallery, production studio and an editorial/development office.

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