Vitam Mortem (The Death Card) by Sarah Stone


Vitam Mortem (The Death Card) by Sarah Stone


Artist: Sarah Stone

Title: Vitam Mortem (The Death Card)

Edition: Archival pigment print on 100% recycled Sugar Paper, from an edition of 100

Size: 24x18

Markings: Signed and hand numbered, Sugar Press chop mark

Date: 2016

I am captivated by the Tarot Death card because of its dual interpretations: Death and Growth. The Death Card refers to the passing of the old and the forming of the new. In Los Angeles this concept is particularly poignant due to our ongoing drought and ravaging fires. It is also symbolic of my own passages through very challenging life events. This image is a reminder to me that devastation happens, literally and metaphorically, but when it has passed new green growth will emerge.


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