Robert Landau Photography at FATHOM

Robert Landau (American, b. 1953): A veteran photographer and master of  Urban Landscape photography, Robert documents every location he covers with his unique style and warmhearted sense of humor. From Los Angeles to Paris to Istanbul, his photography has an uncanny ability to highlight the things that we all have in common. A published author and photographer, Landau's work has been exhibited in gallery and museum shows through out the US and Europe.

The Beatles Sunset Strip Billboard, 1969

The Beatles Sunset Strip Billboard, 1969

Rock N Roll Billboards of The Sunset Strip

An exhibition of Robert Landau photographs of the legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards on the Sunset Strip between the years 1967 and the early 1980’s. Landau’s images capture a unique and little known aspect of the Classic Rock era when internationally known rockers ranging from the Beatles and Bowie to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were immortalized on giant hand-painted placards lining L.A.’s most famous boulevard.

Landau, still in high school, with his camera loaded with Kodachrome film, began to document the hand painted billboards near his home in the Hollywood Hills. It was the strat of a life long passion for photography and Rock N Roll.

Los Angeles: It Looks So Real

This collection of Landau's photography spans his entire photographic life, from his first pictures while still in high school through work taken early this year. Los Angeles It Looks So Real was first exhibited at FATHOM in April of 2016 and continues to grow as Landau adds images to the collection. 

“So many of the things I’m drawn to photograph, here in LA, were meant to be viewed through the windshield of a car driving by, and designed to somehow get the driver’s attention -- which is what makes this city so unique compared to old world cities like Paris, for instance,” -- Robert Landau.

Neon LA

Mini exhibition designed for the neon lover in all of us. It's a collection of landmark neow signs, many now gone...