FATHOM Publications

FATHOM published a number of art books and catalogues through Studio Iconix, our in-house creative studio. Just released is our new imprint Lumen Press; a curated collection of unbound limited edition monographs in custom boxes. 

Lumen Press

Unbound Limited Edition Monographs. Each edition is boxes in a handmade portfolio and printed to museum archival standard using a 12-color pigment ink set and printed on 100% cotton paper. 

Editions Available:

Gastronopolis | Hugh Kretschmer

Rock Light | Joshua Elias

Memories of Zanzibar | Gary Palmer


FATHOM | Exhibition Catalogues

Perfect Bound Art Catalogues recreating a selection of exhibitions from FATHOM.

Editions Available:

LA Stories | Watson Family Archive (on back-order)

Oddities and Entities | Hugh Kretschmer (on back-order)

Rock On Paper | Richard E. Aaron (on back-order)