Gary Palmer Art at FATHOM

Gary Palmer (Belfast, 1968) After graduating with a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh Palmer travelled around the world as a streetpainter. His anamorphic perspective illusions have been featured at festivals in Europe, Australia, and the US.  Gary has undertaken commissions for the Ulster Museum, for Public Art in London, and was invited to participate in the Bienal del Sur in Panama in 2013. His public works are published in A Carpet of Dream, (RJD enterprises), 3D Streetart (Tectum), and Chalk on Street (Magcloud).

Memories of Zanzibar

FATHOM is please to present Memories of Zanzibar: a collection of paintings, writings, drawings, sketches, and photographs, the culmination of a body of work recording the artist's journey from the banks of Lake Malawi to the island of Zanzibar in East Africa. The work focuses on recollections of people, places, and experiences along the way, highlighting the symbiosis with nature prevalent in African village life.