Wear We Art

Imagine Wearing Your Social Agenda

Wear We Art is a three person show exploring the linkage between fashion, art and life from the perspectives of three very different artists.

Sandy Bleifer’s Plastic Kimono Series is based on her desire to use the imagery from global tragedies and natural disasters to create a call of action. Photographic images from the New York and Los Angeles Times are imbedded in the plastic sleeves used to deliver the newspapers. This patchwork of images is ironed together in the familiar “T” format of the traditional Japanese garment. Figuratively, the viewer is invited to wrap themselves into the theme of each piece.

Dennis Olanzo Callwood takes a deeply personal approach combining his obsessions with photography, sociology, art and fashion into a new series titled RAW: Hecho Por Mano. The work combines scrap leather, photography, art prints and found objects sewn together and painted.  In RAW, Dennis has embraced both conceptually and as a process, the notion of scrappiness creating beauty.

In her series, Transforms, Frances Harder has been influenced by her background in teaching university level art with her international fashion consulting expertise. In this series, she has changed one of the fashion industry’s most ubiquitous tools, the dress form, into fine art — alive with color and showing us art can be found in the most familiar objects.

The Wear We Art Exhibition opens Saturday 3.11.17 with an artist reception at 7PM.

On Monday 3.13.17, The Wear We Art Runway Show, sponsored by Fashion Business Incorporated, begins at 5PM. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at FATHOM!