FATHOM's Triple Threat: Exquisite Wine - Vintage Fashion - Stunning Photography

Please join on February 23rd at the renowned Cafe Pinot for ART+WINE | "Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky": Soirée Parisienne & Dinner

Straight from the golden age of Haute Couture comes the stunning fashion photographer Gleb Derujinsky, a creative force at Harper’s Bazaar in the 1950’s. At the time his work was considered in the same league as the genres legends such as Avedon and Penn.

Until recently Derujinsky was the secret of fashion industry insiders, his work collected and cherished by veteran designers, art directors and models. This year he has been rediscovered and brought to the forefront through the hard work of his daughter Andrea Derujinsky who wrote Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky, published by Flammarion in Paris. This stunning book is selling out on both sides of the Atlantic. 

On view is a portfolio of limited edition prints from Derujinsky’s photographs of the 1957 Paris Collection. In this set of images you can see his visionary style, as he took the models into the real Paris, shooting them in the streets, cafes and wine cellars of the city.