Basketball | Street Art | Photography

FATHOM and Jeff Hamilton Studio are pleased to preview an on-going series of basketball related art projects starting with the retirement of Kobe Bryant's Jersey by the Lakers and building up to the NBA All Star Game in Los Angeles.

Special Preview: Kobe Bryant Jersey Art Collaborations


On the occasion of Kobe Bryant’s Jersey Numbers being retired by the Lakers, FATHOM Gallery is celebrating the great game of Basketball and the extraordinary career of Kobe Bryant with an exhibition of original art collaborations between Jeff Hamilton and a stellar roster of street artists ranging from up and coming stars to some of the most respected veterans in the street art game.  Each artist hand painted an Authentic Kobe Bryant Game Day Jersey and then Jeff Hamilton further enhanced each art piece with leather and other luxury materials to create truly unique works of art.

Participating Artists: Andre Miripolsky, amerrikazmost, Angel Once, Brayden Bugazzi, Brett Crawford, Cade, Carson James, Chris Sweeney, Gobsone, Goop Massta, Jeff Hamilton, Karlos “BUMPS” Marquez, King Cre8, M., ManOne, Oogum Leftfoot, Pauser, Poncho The Artist, Ser@LA, SEY YES, Spencer Stown, Teachr, Tony Devoney, Vyal, Wicky…

The Basketball Hoops Project


Also showing is the West Coast premiere of The Basketball Hoops Project by Photographer Rob Hammer.  These powerful fine art photographs of basketball hoops and courts across the country have been selected from Rob’s stunning ongoing documentary project.