Roaming Elephant at FATHOM


FATHOM is excited to announce our publishing partnership with visual artist and filmmaker Matthew Shapira (aka Roaming Elephant) and his global mission to raise awareness and funds for elephant sanctuaries and other organizations seeking to help these beautiful, loving beings.

Roaming Elephant and FATHOM are publishing a series of Limited Edition Prints and Stationary Items to raise funds for various elephant organizations around the world. New Items will be added over the coming months, so please check out our Roaming Elephant Gallery!

Roaming Elephant Romps Through England and France

Last week Roaming Elephant paintings were donated and auctioned at both Elephant Corporation and Wild Aid events, raising close to thirty-thousand  dollars. This week Roaming Elephant sets off on a European Tour with exhibitions, murals, and lectures through England and France. See the current schedule below:

This week, Roaming Elephant will be painting a mural at Quaker Street Cafe in Shoreditch. The mural wall has massive visibility in London with an estimated 200,000 people walking by daily! Inside the Cafe, Roaming Elephant's paintings will be on display from November 18th through December 31st. 

Additionally an exhibition at The National Trust Hanbury Hall, will run from the 11th of November through the 12th of January. There is also a lecture at London Holiday House on Nov 22nd with famed street artist Louis Amadeus Dain Jensen.

In Cardiff, at the invitation of the UK Council, Roaming Elephant will be painting Wall Murals involving school children and interested local community members. The activities begin Nov. 23. Then on Nov 27th, Roaming Elephant travels to the Welsh coastal city of Swansea to continue his grass roots campaign for elephant causes.

On December 1st, Roaming Elephant travels to Bordeaux for a lecture and Mural installation at Elephant Haven, Europe’s first Elephant Preserve located in Limousin.