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FATHOM and Jeff Hamilton Studio are pleased to preview an on-going series of basketball related art projects starting with the retirement of Kobe Bryant's Jersey by the Lakers and building up to the NBA All Star Game in Los Angeles.

Special Preview: Kobe Bryant Jersey Art Collaborations


On the occasion of Kobe Bryant’s Jersey Numbers being retired by the Lakers, FATHOM Gallery is celebrating the great game of Basketball and the extraordinary career of Kobe Bryant with an exhibition of original art collaborations between Jeff Hamilton and a stellar roster of street artists ranging from up and coming stars to some of the most respected veterans in the street art game.  Each artist hand painted an Authentic Kobe Bryant Game Day Jersey and then Jeff Hamilton further enhanced each art piece with leather and other luxury materials to create truly unique works of art.

Participating Artists: Andre Miripolsky, amerrikazmost, Angel Once, Brayden Bugazzi, Brett Crawford, Cade, Carson James, Chris Sweeney, Gobsone, Goop Massta, Jeff Hamilton, Karlos “BUMPS” Marquez, King Cre8, M., ManOne, Oogum Leftfoot, Pauser, Poncho The Artist, Ser@LA, SEY YES, Spencer Stown, Teachr, Tony Devoney, Vyal, Wicky…

The Basketball Hoops Project


Also showing is the West Coast premiere of The Basketball Hoops Project by Photographer Rob Hammer.  These powerful fine art photographs of basketball hoops and courts across the country have been selected from Rob’s stunning ongoing documentary project.

Roaming Elephant at FATHOM


FATHOM is excited to announce our publishing partnership with visual artist and filmmaker Matthew Shapira (aka Roaming Elephant) and his global mission to raise awareness and funds for elephant sanctuaries and other organizations seeking to help these beautiful, loving beings.

Roaming Elephant and FATHOM are publishing a series of Limited Edition Prints and Stationary Items to raise funds for various elephant organizations around the world. New Items will be added over the coming months, so please check out our Roaming Elephant Gallery!

Roaming Elephant Romps Through England and France

Last week Roaming Elephant paintings were donated and auctioned at both Elephant Corporation and Wild Aid events, raising close to thirty-thousand  dollars. This week Roaming Elephant sets off on a European Tour with exhibitions, murals, and lectures through England and France. See the current schedule below:

This week, Roaming Elephant will be painting a mural at Quaker Street Cafe in Shoreditch. The mural wall has massive visibility in London with an estimated 200,000 people walking by daily! Inside the Cafe, Roaming Elephant's paintings will be on display from November 18th through December 31st. 

Additionally an exhibition at The National Trust Hanbury Hall, will run from the 11th of November through the 12th of January. There is also a lecture at London Holiday House on Nov 22nd with famed street artist Louis Amadeus Dain Jensen.

In Cardiff, at the invitation of the UK Council, Roaming Elephant will be painting Wall Murals involving school children and interested local community members. The activities begin Nov. 23. Then on Nov 27th, Roaming Elephant travels to the Welsh coastal city of Swansea to continue his grass roots campaign for elephant causes.

On December 1st, Roaming Elephant travels to Bordeaux for a lecture and Mural installation at Elephant Haven, Europe’s first Elephant Preserve located in Limousin.


Please join us Wednesday 8.30.2017 for an intimate evening with rock legend and visual artist Carl Palmer as he takes us through his creative process and his artwork collaborations withSceneFour, the creator of the Rhythm On Canvas Project — a new art genre, creating abstract art by capturing live drum performances from some of the world's most renowned jazz and rock drummers.


Wednesday August 30, 2017


Street Aesthetics

FATHOM is pleased to present Street Aesthetics, an exhibition of original street art and limited edition prints selected from the Jeff Hamilton Collection and Sugar Press Street Artists.

The exhibition is an informal survey of street art and urban pop styles, and features an electrifying group of contemporary street artists:

Amerrikazmost, Angel Once, Black Brain, Brett Crawford, Colette Miller, Creepshow, Crystal Lyn, Danny Minnick, Erin Yoshi, J Valentin, Jeff Hamilton, Jimmy Warhol, Kanaky, Kiosk, Koor, M., MEW, MegZany, Narrator, OOGUM, Oscar Meza, Roaming Elephant, Rohitash Rao, SEYXYES, Teachr, Theodisa Marchant... 

SUGAR PRESS Street Editions featuring: Bisco Smith, Colette Miller, Erin Yoshi, ESPY DPT/ZNC, Max Neutra, MEW, MegZany, Not Your Muse, Rohitash Rao and Tanner Goldbeck.

Also featured are Jeff Hamilton leather collaborations with Big Sleeps, Prime K2S, Clinton Bob and Karen Bystedt.

What really excites us about street art and what motivated us to mount this exhibition is the incredible mix of styles and influences that seem to encompass virtually every art form — past and present.  And it’s those combinations that created a new, widely diverse, urban aesthetic that in turn allowed for individual artistic expression in a manner and scale never seen. How could we resist?

Noticeable influences in the works exhibited include: primitive art and symbols, type styles from classic calligraphy to early graffiti letters, advertising and graphic design from clip art to happy faces, popular entertainment from animation to music to movies, and classic art forms from the surrealism to abstraction to photo realistic.

Master artists who's influences are also felt in the exhibition include van Gogh,  Picasso, Haring, Warhol, Basquiat, Walt Disney and many others. 

Please join us Saturday August 5th at 7 PM for Street Aesthetics!

Images: Rock Wings by Colette Miller | Here by Brett Crawford | Wisdom by Max Neutra

FATHOM Dispatch | Mid-May

NEXT UP | Street Photography Round Table

In Conjunction with our current Exhibition Present But Not Involved and FABRIK Magazine’s On The Street Photo Competition, We are pleased to present a Round Table exploring why street photography still matters in the age of the smartphone. Photographers and collectors are encouraged to join in — Our goal is to really mix it up in the discussion of this vital art form. Get Ready to Rumble.  | (photo: Reader by Tony Salvagio)

7 PM | Thursday | 5.25.2017 

New FATHOM Edition Print


FRAGMENTATION and HARMONY by Joshua Elias is a deeply personal interior landscape from this lyrical abstract artist and poet. Constantly working in and around opposites, Elias shows us an allegory - - the sense of being busted into shards like a beautiful vase, but finding new beauty and inspiration from the imperfect fragments, and from that a renewed, hopeful harmony emerges.

Edition Details: 12-color archival pigment print on 100% cotton fine art paper, signed and numbered in the margins by the artist. Available in 36X36 sheets in an edition of 10 and 24X24 sheets in an edition of 20.

IN JUNE  | Gary Palmer Solo Exhibition

Gary Palmer

Memories of Zanzibar: A collection of paintings, writings, drawings, sketches, and photographs, the culmination of a body of work recording memories of a journey taken from the banks of Lake Malawi to the island of Zanzibar in East Africa. The work focuses on recollections of people, places, and experiences along the way, highlighting the symbiosis with nature prevalent in African village life. 

Artist Reception 7PM Saturday 6.3.2017 | Save The Date

Street Photography Roundtable

Present But Not Involved

Wavererly Diner by Danny Belinkie

Wavererly Diner by Danny Belinkie

Please join us Thursday May 25, 2017, for a lively exploration of street photography and why it still matters, even now when the entire population is armed with a camera.

A panel of seasoned photographers, curators, and dealers will bat around the nature and style street photography and explore the pitfalls and triumphs of this genre that dates to the very beginning of photography.

Moderated by Phil Tarley, producer of ON THE STREET and Francis Coiro, founder of FATHOM Gallery, the panel consists of the following:

Robert Landau, a veteran urban landscape photographer and author. Mr. Landau’s work has been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world and his photographs are featured in his best selling book Rock N Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip from Angle City Press. He is represented by FATHOM.

SameSource, is a LA based photographer by way of the mid-west, SameSource and is a recent winner of a prestigious international 2017 Lumiere Award. His work ranges from fine art nudes to classic street photography and he has been featured in numerous gallery shows and art festivals throughout the US and Europe.

Phil Tarley, a photography critic, curator, and collector, is a fellow of the American Film Institute, a member of the Photographic Arts Council, and an artist in the Los Angeles Art Association. He curates photography at the Artists Corner gallery and writes The Critical Eye column for Fabrik Magazine. 

Sarah Lee, a longtime LA based gallerist, curator and consultant. Ms Lee is an advisory member of the Queensland Centre for Photography in Australia, and has served as a trustee, Executive Director, and guest curator of the Korean American Museum in Los Angeles. She is also on the advisory council of the Japan-American National Museum.

Khodr Cherri, the Creative Director and Master printer at A&I Fine Art and Photography. In the past he has collaborated with legendary photographers such as Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton, Mathew Rolston, and Norman Jean Roy.

Francis Coiro, director of the Iconix Art Group, operates a boutique art complex in downtown Los Angeles that includes the FATHOM Gallery, which represents nearly three dozen contemporary photographers and painters. 

Photographers and collectors are encouraged to join in — Our goal is to really mix it up in the discussion of this vital art form. Get Ready to Rumble.

Doors open from at 6 PM.      Round Table 7-8 PM      Informal Mixer 8-9 PM

FATHOM: Present But Not Involved

An Exhibition of Street Photography featuring the winners of Fabrik’s 2017 On The Street Photo Competition, plus images from FATHOM Photographers and selections from our vintage archives.

Showing works from over 60 photographers, with images dating from 1860 through 2017, Present But Not Involved is a unique survey of the international street photography. The exhibition illustrates the evolution in photographic style and technique from the very inception of the street genre. Exhibition prints range from $300 to $6,000.

Artist Reception This Saturday 4.29.17
6 to 9 PM | RSVP Here

FATHOM | Daily Dose

Crossing - Timbuktu by Joshua Klein, 1996

Beautiful image from Joshua's time in Africa. To capture this slice of daily life in Timbuktu, Klein had to wait patiently on a rooftop for just the right moment for his subject to cross the courtyard. It's a beautiful composition and an example of fine art documentary photography at its best -- showing us, without artifice, the very nature of a place most us will never have the opportunity to experience first hand. 

To see more Joshua Klein Photography, just click HERE

Wear We Art

Imagine Wearing Your Social Agenda

Wear We Art is a three person show exploring the linkage between fashion, art and life from the perspectives of three very different artists.

Sandy Bleifer’s Plastic Kimono Series is based on her desire to use the imagery from global tragedies and natural disasters to create a call of action. Photographic images from the New York and Los Angeles Times are imbedded in the plastic sleeves used to deliver the newspapers. This patchwork of images is ironed together in the familiar “T” format of the traditional Japanese garment. Figuratively, the viewer is invited to wrap themselves into the theme of each piece.

Dennis Olanzo Callwood takes a deeply personal approach combining his obsessions with photography, sociology, art and fashion into a new series titled RAW: Hecho Por Mano. The work combines scrap leather, photography, art prints and found objects sewn together and painted.  In RAW, Dennis has embraced both conceptually and as a process, the notion of scrappiness creating beauty.

In her series, Transforms, Frances Harder has been influenced by her background in teaching university level art with her international fashion consulting expertise. In this series, she has changed one of the fashion industry’s most ubiquitous tools, the dress form, into fine art — alive with color and showing us art can be found in the most familiar objects.

The Wear We Art Exhibition opens Saturday 3.11.17 with an artist reception at 7PM.

On Monday 3.13.17, The Wear We Art Runway Show, sponsored by Fashion Business Incorporated, begins at 5PM. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at FATHOM! 

FATHOM's Triple Threat: Exquisite Wine - Vintage Fashion - Stunning Photography

Please join on February 23rd at the renowned Cafe Pinot for ART+WINE | "Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky": Soirée Parisienne & Dinner

Straight from the golden age of Haute Couture comes the stunning fashion photographer Gleb Derujinsky, a creative force at Harper’s Bazaar in the 1950’s. At the time his work was considered in the same league as the genres legends such as Avedon and Penn.

Until recently Derujinsky was the secret of fashion industry insiders, his work collected and cherished by veteran designers, art directors and models. This year he has been rediscovered and brought to the forefront through the hard work of his daughter Andrea Derujinsky who wrote Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky, published by Flammarion in Paris. This stunning book is selling out on both sides of the Atlantic. 

On view is a portfolio of limited edition prints from Derujinsky’s photographs of the 1957 Paris Collection. In this set of images you can see his visionary style, as he took the models into the real Paris, shooting them in the streets, cafes and wine cellars of the city. 


Announcing FATHOM Art | Series One | Hugh Kretschmer Oddities and Entities

Well, we’re just over the moon, excited to announce FATHOM Art, our new series of artist talks, book signings and gallery tours with our friends and collaborators.

Hugh Kretschmer kicks it off with Oddities and Entities, an artist talk exploring his influences and techniques illustrated with exhibition prints from his FATHOM solo show. Plus, Gastronopolis: a limited edition monograph will be released and available for purchase for the first time.

Please join us at the stunning CTRL Collective space in DTLA

833 South Spring Street, Floor 4, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Up Next It's Underbelly: The Art Exhibition

From the wicked little minds of Rohitash Rao and Kathy Hepinstall Parks!

Artist reception Saturday 1.21.17 at 7PM.

Derujinsky Rediscovered

Discover Derujinsky One of the 20th Century’s Great Fashion Photographers

FATHOM is excited to play a small role in the rediscovery of Gleb Derujinsky, one of the 20th Century’s great fashion photographers. Please join us for a special evening with Andrea Derujinsky, Gleb’s daughter and the author of the breakout best seller Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky, published last month by Flammarion in Paris. The exhibition features limited edition prints from two fine art portfolios published by FATHOM.

The Around The World Portfolio features images from 10 exotic locations shot on assignment for Harper’s Bazaar. The idea was to celebrate the dawn of the jet age by circling the globe on the Boeing 707. Gleb took his new wife and Harper’s model Ruth Neumann on the trip of a lifetime. Less than a month later they returned home with a collection of breathtaking images that didn’t just run in the January 1958 issue, the photographs dominated the editorial section of the magazine.

On Saturday, January 14th, Andrea will be at FATHOM for a book signing and will lead an exhibition tour of Derujinsky’s stunning photography. 

Doors Open at 6PM, Gallery Tour by Andrea Starts at 7PM

Exhibition Hangs from 1.10 through 1.17

FATHOM 2017: Jump In. Go Deep.

What's Up In January

On Thursday January 12th Robert Landau’s Rock N Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip opens at the Fine Arts Building in DTLA, shown in conjunction with our friends ArtmeetsArchitecture.  The opening reception features a book signing, jazz music and great food. Mark and Lisa know how to do it right. 

Then, on Saturday the 14th we’ve got Gleb Derujinsky back in the house. It’s a special evening of high fashion at FATHOM. This stunning photography exhibition features a book signing and gallery tour with Andrea Derujinsky, and the introduction of the Paris Collection Portfolio from 1958… Plus other goodies for the fashionistas.

And than, on Saturday the 21st we’ve got Underbelly: An Exhibition of Comics Masquerading as Art.  The brain child of Rohitash Rao and Kathy Hepinstall Parks, Underbelly first began in the mid-90’s, yet the sharp commentary couldn’t be more timely. Warning: This exhibition is not suitable for children or small animals.

Plus we’ll be announcing exciting news on Gastronopolis, the long awaited Hugh Kretschmer project from Lumen Press — which is our new imprint of limited edition photography monographs. 

More details on all of this and a bit more coming soon… 

Joshua Elias Artist Talk and Gallery Walk Through

We’ve had the pleasure of talking in detail, painting by painting, with Joshua Elias about his FATHOM Exhibition Rock/Light, and now we are excited to announce that you too can get his personal insights into work hanging in the gallery. On Sunday 12.11.16 at 11AM please join us for an intimate art talk and walk through with Joshua. Art, coffee, bagels & lox — what a great start to a Sunday!

Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky -- Book Signing and Pop-Up Exhibition

FATHOM crashes the LA Fashion Market at the CMC

Please join us for the US debut of Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky by Andrea Derujinsky. It's a book signing and mini fine art photography exhibition in honor of the stunning fashion work of Gleb Derujinsky direct from the golden age of European haute couture.

It happens this Monday 10.17.16 from 2:30 to 3:30. Books and limited edition fine art prints available for sale on-site. 

RSVP required to gain access, as this events happens inside the LA Fashion Market (a private fashion industry event) located in the CMC in DTLA.

RSVP to Taylor Felter via email at or by phone at (213) 630-3616


Raw Sugar #1 - Opens This Saturday!

We've been working through the weekend here at FATHOM to prep RAW Sugar No. 1, The Sugar Press Group Show. We're so excited to showcase original works from 20 artists plus Sugar Press Edition Prints. All in, there's over 100 works on view and prices start at only $100 for Sugar 100 Prints and range up from there to over $10,000 for some originals.  It's a truly interesting mix of Los Angeles based artists and like the city itself, all are coming from very different backgrounds, each bringing their unique style to the exhibition. Truly something for everyone!

Artists Roster:

Andre Miripolsky, Andrea Bogdan, Ashley Payne, Bisco Smith, Colette Miller, Erin Yoshi, Isabelle Hope Grahm, Kate Carvellas, Larry Lott, Matthew E. Weinberg, Matthew Heller, Paul Juno, Rafael Serrano, Raphaele Cohen-Bacry, Raúl De La Torre, Rohitash Rao, Sarah Stone, Shplinton,  Timothy Robert Smith and Yuki Toy

Transitions Translated Closes

FATHOM is saying good-bye (just for now) to Transitions Translated, this summer’s stunning exhibition from Isabelle Hope Grahm. But first, we’re shooting all the pieces for an upcoming catalogue raisonné of Isabelle’s works on canvas. Check back with us as we’re building a new publications section of our exhibition catalogues and new limited edition book series coming late fall 2016.  

Oddities and Entities

What if a beautiful space alien came to New York for lunch, or more to the point, decided to have New York City for lunch? Wonder no more, Hugh has thought it through for us. It’s how the man’s mind works.  Cleverly absurd.  Please join us at FATHOM for Oddities and Entities, the Photography of Hugh Kretschmer opens on October 10!