The FATHOM Exhibition Program

The exhibition schedule at FATHOM is eclectic or a bit random by design.  Most galleries choose a path and stay in that lane, whether it's street art, abstract paintings, or fashion photography. At FATHOM we show all of that and more. Because art, like people (and ice cream) comes in so many flavors, we couldn't limit ourselves to just one genre. If we love the art, we'll hang the show.

FATHOM goes deep (and wide)...

Contemporary Art Photography

Our first exhibition in DTLA was an insane exhibition of 30 photographers' mini-solo shows, one a night for 30 nights. You can tell that we love photography. Many of those artists stayed with us and became part of the gallery's artist roster and several are now published by FATHOM.

We also are constantly on the look-out for emerging photographers to both exhibit and publish.

Contemporary Fine Art

Expanding our schedule of contemporary art exhibitions is a major priority for the gallery over the next 18 months.  We are adding traditional art forms like figurative and abstract painting as well as street art and urban pop. 

Vintage Archives

FATHOM has exhibited and will continue to show vintage works from masters. We have a passion for discovering, or more to the point rediscovering master artist from the past. Not just fine artists, but also the work of commercial artists and graphic designers.

The gallery takes an active roll in curating, restoring, exhibiting and publishing from the archives of these forgotten masters.  Our goal is to help keeps this work alive, relevant and accessible